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High channel count sensor and actuator devices are needed to tackle a growing number of functions in aircrafts. With traditional avionics technology, connecting these devices results in bulky wiring bundles.

The stringent safety standard of avionic systems requires redundant installation of all components on board, which further exacerbates the situation. Moreover, in new avionic systems, communications between devices across different application domains are also needed, which drastically increases information flow within the aircraft. Wiring bundles and demand for a much higher communication bandwidth raise serious challenges requiring the development of new avionic data buses.

This project tackles solutions to build new avionic systems being able to meet stringent requirements in flight-critical operations, such as flight control. The research consists of three complementary parts:

1) autonomous sensor (smart sensor) and actuator/network interfaces,

2) safety-critical data buses, and

3) frequency selection for wireless communications on board aircraft. Each of these main subjects must contribute to define an appropriate architecture to facilitate reliable interconnection and interoperation.


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